Docker for AWS release notes

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Enterprise Edition

Docker Enterprise Edition Lifecycle

Deploy Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) for AWS

17.06 EE

  • Docker engine 17.06 EE
  • For Std/Adv external logging has been removed, as it is now handled by UCP
  • UCP 2.2.0
  • DTR 2.3.0

17.03 EE

  • Docker engine 17.03 EE
  • UCP 2.1.5
  • DTR 2.2.7

Stable channel

17.06.1 CE

Release date: 08/17/2017

Deploy Docker Community Edition (CE) for AWS (stable)


  • Docker Engine upgraded to Docker 17.06.1 CE
  • Improvements to CloudStor support
  • Added SSL support at the LB level

17.06.0 CE

Release date: 06/28/2017


  • Docker Engine upgraded to Docker 17.06.0 CE
  • Fixed an issue with load balancer controller that caused the ELB health check to fail.
  • Added VPCID output when a VPC is created
  • Added CloudStor support (EFS (in regions that support EFS), and EBS) for persistent storage volumes
  • Added CloudFormation parameter to enable/disable CloudStor
  • Changed the AutoScaleGroup Manager max size to 6, so that it correctly upgrades with 5 managers
  • Added lambda support for Mumbai
  • Removed the ELB Name to allow for longer stack names
  • Added i3 EC2 instance types
  • [Bring your own VPC] Added a VPC CIDR Parameter

17.03.1 CE

Release date: 03/30/2017


17.03.0 CE

Release date: 03/01/2017


  • Docker Engine upgraded to Docker 17.03.0 CE
  • Added r4 EC2 instance types
  • Added ELBDNSZoneID output to make it easier to interact with Route53

Test channel


Release date: 04/12/2017

Deploy Docker Community Edition (CE) for AWS (test)


  • Docker Engine upgraded to Docker 17.05.0 CE RC1
  • Terminated instances will now automatically be removed from the Swarm.
  • [Bug Fix] [meta-server] fixed crashing issue, when an instance had no public IP address.

Template archive

If you are looking for templates from older releases, please check out the template archive.

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